A compatible flash for Canon with a cheap price

Using flash with the same brand of your camera is highly recommended. Aside from the fine level of compatibility, you may also be able to do so many settings that might be limited when you’re using the different brands of flash. However, if you use Canon cameras, there’s one particular brand of flash that will work perfectly for your camera, and it comes with the very affordable price. We recommend you to buy Canon flash with the brand Altura Photo AP-UNV1.

This one is very excellent. It has 4 slave modes that could fire single or multiple times. It has the amazing 0 up to 270 degrees of the horizontal rotation angle, and also 0 to 90 degrees vertical rotation angle. It really is compatible with Canon, Nikon, and even Olympus. Sadly this one is not recommended for the Sony camera users, due to it’s only good for Sony when it’s being used off-camera with slave mode. However, this nice flash costs you only $38.99 which is a lot cheaper than the other brands.