Facts About Human Teeth

Ignoring dental health means neglecting other body health. The reason, if the teeth are not treated optimally, the teeth will be attacked by germs or damaged. To prevent that from happening, you are encouraged to visit the dentist like strathconadental.ca/ on a regular basis, at least 6 months.

Here are some facts you should know about teeth:

– Shake teeth can be strengthened by way of oral profiling, such as physiotherapy, but doctors must first see the damage. If the damage is severe or the patient has other illnesses, the doctor will suggest treatment or other actions.

– Brush your teeth the best one hour after eating. Because after we eat, the degree of acidity in the teeth will rise and the acid will remove the tooth enamel, as well as the layer under the email called dentin. If we immediately brush our teeth after eating will damage the email and dentin.

– Teeth will find their partner. Upper and lower teeth. If the tooth is out of date or dislodged, the lower teeth will rise or over time will tilt. To fill in the remaining space. And this will cause tooth structure to change.