Look for Guaranteed Air Conditioner Service

In choosing an air conditioning service, including AC Repair dubai service, the warranty is crucial. Choosing an air conditioning service that provides warranty is highly recommended as services that provide a service warranty mean reliable services. With the warranty, a service provider looks like a responsible and reliable service provider.

Here are the things you should look for from an air conditioning service provider:

– Choose Offering Professional Workers

This becomes an important point because every customer would want to get the best and professional manpower. Therefore, in choosing services AC service, choose who have experienced and professional.

– Easy to contact

Choose services that are easy to contact. With the ease of communicating with the service, air conditioner service will facilitate the service as well. Compare if the selected service is difficult to contact, annoying is not it?

– Look for service warranty

Guarantees become a responsibility of a service. Thus, it is important that the selected AC service offer some warranty after the work done.

Some of the warranty you should look for from air conditioning service is as follows:

– Installation and Unloading Warranty Install AC

This warranty is provided if the air conditioner is not cold after service. In addition, this warranty also includes a freon gas charge in case of leakage.

– Air Conditioner Service Guarantee

This warranty is valid if there is a water leak in AC after service. In addition, the warranty is also valid if there is material scattered when done service. However, this warranty does not apply if there is a leak in freon gas and spare part damage if initially after service no constraints occur.

– Warranty Repair and Replacement Sparepart

This warranty is a replacement spare part with the same spare parts and in new condition. Of course, this spare part change only applies if the problem spare parts are spare parts that have been replaced by the service provider.