Promo that can save your wallet

The proliferation of Online Travel Agent business makes the competition even tighter This competition gives its own advantages for consumers because it means, OTA will compete for consumer attention by providing many interesting promos. The best times to get promos are during high seasons such as Lebaran, Christmas, Lunar, and school holidays. At that time, almost all OTAs will flood their customers with exciting promotions, ranging from special discounts, 0% installments, to luxury hotel stay contests. In order not to miss this important information, you must be diligent in following social network or subscribe to OTA newsletter via In addition, following a social networking bank where you become a customer can also be an option because information about this promo is often delivered by banks that work with OTA related.

Not a few traveler who was disappointed because the hotel where he was staying was far from expectations. This will not happen if you choose a room message through Online Travel Agent. Generally, OTA will display the previous guest review, so you have consideration before choosing the hotel. Anand System is one of the Online Travel Agent that provides display reviews to help consumers choose the appropriate hotel needs. To simplify your ratings, you can use the “Sort” feature and select the “Rating” category. Thus, your search results will be sorted starting from the hotel with high to low rating.