Sheet Cake: What to Know?

There are several different kinds of cakes and one of the kinds is called as a sheet cake. You can find this kind of cake in almost every bakery. For example, you will be able to find a Costco Sheet Cake in a Costo Cake Bakery. What is a sheet cake, anyway?

A sheet cake is a kind of cake which is baked in a shape of a flat and large rectangular pan like the sheet pan or the jelly roll pan. It is usually a layered cake and one every single of the layer of the cake will be filled with frosting and them the surface of the cake will be complimented with ornamental frosting as well as many other decorations at the top and along the sides of the cake.
In general, the most popular flavors for this cake, however, are chocolate and vanilla flavors. However, sheet cakes can be made in many different kinds of flavors. Here are some examples of other flavors:

– Tiramisu

If you like a cake that is not too sweet, Tiramisu could be an option. In Italian, Tiramisu means “cheer me up” or “entertain me”. So, this cake is suitable to eat in any atmosphere, either for a birthday or when you suffer from a broken heart. The texture is light, soft, and foamy. The taste of coffee mixed with cream cheese and cocoa sprinkles will complement each other. This cake originally used a ladyfinger biscuit for the coating, but for the modern version can use sponge cake.

– Opera

These cakes are often served in an elegant and minimalist look, with a shiny ganache chocolate melt. This cake must have more than three layers, where each layer has a different flavor. The flavor is a mixture of espresso buttercream, chocolate ganache, coffee syrup, and almond sponge cake. For those of you fans of bitter chocolate, you must really try a sheet cake with this flavor.