Tips on Doing Quick Sex When Nothing Time

Have you ever had sex fast? Hmm, how does it feel? We all know that satisfying sex is what involves warming up, it can be kissing, massage, pampering touches, or certain games. However, when the time we have is limited, short sex becomes a challenging choice. Sometimes fast sex is also done when one partner can not wait. But whether fast sex can make you and your partner feel connected? Then how to do it to be as meaningful as normal sex. Based on surveys of sex therapists from Canada and America, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, quick sex or quickie does not involve warming (foreplay), usually, lasts about 3 to 13 minutes. Perhaps in romantic novels, the old sex scenes are very sensual, but often in real life, marathon sex that lasts too long makes one partner wonder when it will end, or they become bored. Quick sex will be a challenge because you do not have to feel pressured to have the best sex. Use of Scream Cream, in this case, can also help you in fast sex, especially women because women usually reach longer orgasms, so with the use of Scream Cream, you as a woman can get climax quickly. Full usage details can be found at this website.

Flash sex does not seem to require heating, but that does not mean you have to miss a kiss. According to Patti Britton, Ph.D., sex coach in Los Angeles, quoted by the Health website, passion can appear quickly by kissing. In addition, the kiss also stimulates the nervous system and endocrine system – producing passionate hormones. Do not miss a short warm up, because it also makes the relationship feel more intimate. This is one short sex trick you can try, why should you waste your time by undressing? According to Joel Block, Ph.D., psychologist and relationship consultant, quoted Health site, the clothes you both wear will add passionate passion. This will bring out the desperation to have each other. To increase your enthusiasm, do not do it in one place. You can do it in different places. For example, you can do it in the bathroom, then move into the kitchen, then move to the mattress. Still, according to Block, sex gets hotter when there is a risk of fear of getting caught. Even though there are no people around you, do in unusual places where people might suddenly come or pass, with so thrilling sensations will be felt. Also, make sure the place does not invite danger.