Understanding Dog Training Basics

Have a stubborn dog? Overwhelmed with an unruly dog? Try these tips that we will explain this. Humans have different characters. No one in the world has exactly the same qualities. Similarly, with dogs, every dog has a different character and psychology. So, how to potty train a puppy? Here, we have tips recommended by dog trainers.

– Define key words and keep using them
Make sure all your family members use the same words to train your dog. If you use words that are different from other family members, dogs may be confused and take longer to learn. For example, to train your dog to be seated, make sure everyone uses the word “sit”. Do not make any variations of the command at all. In other words, do not say the word “sit still” or “keep quiet” to teach your dog to sit Use only the word “sit” or your dog will be confused.

– Follow these rules at any time
Make sure you keep an eye on the use of rules you’ve specified. Do not let you follow the rules you make yourself halfway, or break them at certain moments. For example, if you do not want the dog to climb on the furniture, make sure this rule is executed at any time. If you forbid him to climb into the furniture on weekdays and allow him onto the couch at weekends, he will climb into the couch more and more often.

– Find what motivates your dog
Exercise will be very effective when you give a reward for good behavior. You can reward your dog with a snack, or flatter and praise it. Find out what makes your dog the happiest and use it to reward him when he does something good. Make sure you give the gift immediately. This is important. Over time, you should start reducing the snack so that the dog does not always get it every time he runs the behavior you want. In this way, the dog learns to try harder because he can not hope that he will always get a reward. If he thinks he must always be rewarded, he can be a lazy dog. Begin reducing the frequency of rewards after your dog gets used to behaving at your own pace, with a percentage of 80%.