World Back Threatened in Independence Day: Resurgence

The world will again be threatened by alien attacks in the last 10 days of this June. Independence Day: Resurgence, the sequel to Independence Day (1996) will be released starting June 22, 2016. This science fiction action movie tells the aliens who attacked the Earth in the first film back with a much more sophisticated and deadly technology. Still directed by his first film director, Roland Emmerich, the film stars Liam Hemsworth, Maika Monroe, Jeff Goldblum, Vivica A. Fox, Bill Pullman, and Angelababy. Curious about the storyline of this movie? How can aliens make invasion back to Earth? You can watch the alien attack only at The invasion of aliens includes themes that are easy to attract the attention of the audience. There is always a special attraction to watch a group of United humans fighting unknown threats coming from other realms. This time was no exception. The aliens who came from 1996 back again. This time with a vessel of magnitude equal to the entire surface of the Atlantic Ocean. This ship is so big, in fact, it has its own gravitational pull.

Throughout the movie, you’ll be made to wonder how our heroes can beat this one. Previously the earth was almost destroyed by a smaller plane. “How else can they defeat a plane as big as the Atlantic Ocean? This is one of the benefits of Roland Emmerich’s movie, and you’ll see it here again. The effects may not be as glorious as the first Independence Day because since then it has been circulating more films that are more magnificent and excited. But still, the effects presented in Independence Day: Resurgence guaranteed to entertain the fans. One of the most notable things is the integration of alien and human technology. You will see a new arsenal of people who seem unique but depicted realistically so it is not tacky. Not to mention the new alien technologies that attack the earth. Do not forget also the typical effects of Roland Emmerich: when the world began to crumble to attack. The scale and shape of its destruction went even beyond the first film.